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Have a chat with SpiritualCindy - Gipsy Card Reading and Tarot Reading in Coesfeld today. 15-20 years of practicing of Tarot Reading. 1.49 SALE RATE *LOVE EXPERT* & MUCH MORE 5 Star Pro Reader TIMES, DATES,INITIALS, NAMES,PAST,PRESENT,FUTURE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★MY TESTIMONIALS★ "Great intuitive and picks up on your energy. Take her to private 5 stars!!" enamorada, USA "An excellent reader. Picked up on my issues and channelled my relationship issues dead on. I have used her and will continue because she is that good." FJ, Dallas.. "Thank you, much peace of mind after your insight reading." meg007, alabama ". . .what she said so far is very true. I came to her 4 the time for answers." Shankargreedhur, dublin Very accurate in reading, in the whole situation of mine, the things that are related, and that I didn`t see as possible to come yet. She brings me optimism and will to fight for what really metters to me. Cindy thank you very much for the reading, wish if we had more time... mojasudbina1978, croatia "Love her, love her. I have to say that. Brings positivity in a negative situation. Love her." leti8989, ecuador Her prediction came to pass. Thank you, Cindy. _Alexis, _x (To view more of what my clients are saying about my abilities, click "Testimonials" on the right, near my picture!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★ GUIDELINES ★ Please take a moment to read through my few simple guidelines while we're in free chat! • No ''sample questions'' or freebies in free chat. Free chat is NOT the place where I give answers, free chat is where you get to know me and ask me about my service. That's all folks! • Please don't insult me by trying test my abilities. I have given well over 5,000 readings on Oranum and I've maintained a full five-star rating. If my clients reviews aren't enough to convince you of my abilities, then you're more than welcome to find a Psychic that you feel more comfortable with. •Oranum doesn't allow psychics and members to share personal information such as: phone numbers, emails, IM screen-names, Facebook profiles, etc. SO PLEASE DONT ASK FOR PERSONAL INFO! • Please be polite to me, and the rest of the members while in free chat, Thank you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★ ABOUT VOICE ★ Once we're in private chat, by default I will type to you because for one, the audio sometimes cuts out, and I want to make sure you understand everything I reveal to you. Plus, when I type to you, you can copy-and-paste everything I say into a note, and read it again if you need, which is very useful. However, if you *prefer* I can speak in private using the microphone. Just make sure to request it before going to private. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★SUGGESTIONS TO SAVE YOU CREDITS ★ Before you take me to private, you may tell me your name, and DOB and ask your question in free-chat, once I confirm to you that I've read your question, and I'm ready, then we can go straight to private, where I will answer your questions. Also, if you have a microphone, use it instead of typing to me in private. These two things can save you a lot of time (and money!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★ABOUT ME★ My name is Cindy. True and Honest Psychic. Touching base in all areas of life. LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS #1 Subject I've been a Psychic since birth, along with a number of women in my family on both my mother and fathers side. I believe this gift was given to me to be used as a tool for helping others. At an early age however, I was faced with a question. I thought "how can I succeed in any career if I'm going to spend all of my time helping others?" That was when I decided to make helping others a career in itself. Since the age of 10 when I began using this gift professionally, I've helped thousands of individuals put control of their lives back into their own hands, I now own a few very very successful Psychic Reading business's and have been blessed with a wonderful family of my own. So since I can no longer travel the world to help people, I do it from my home-office, right here on Oranum. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★MY READINGS★ My readings cover a range of topics; •Love • dating • marriage • sex-life • •Break ups • divorce • cheating • • Soul mate connections • Reuniting lost love • Also Career - Finance - Home - Family - Gay/Lesbian I want to help Everyone. • Questions I'm often asked and happy to answer!: • “Is my lover seeing someone else?” • “Is this person my soulmate?” • “Will this person ever love me the way I love them?” • “Will we ever get back together?” • “Why has my lover been acting so distant lately?” • “Is my lover having a change of heart” • “I was just broken up with, how can I get my lover back in my life?” My readings also cover the topics of: • Business • Fame • Fortune • Family • Friends Don't see your situation here, don't worry, just ask! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★HOW I CONNECT TO, AND READ YOUR ENERGY★ During a reading, revelations are given to me progressively, meaning over time, not all at once. (I imagine that would be overwhelming). Imagine someone telling you a story, the story is revealed to you as it's being told, not in a single moment, but throughout the duration of the story, from beginning, to middle, to end. that's how I pick up on things in my readings, through *progressive* revelation, meaning more and more become revealed to me over time ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★HOW TO TAKE ME TO PRIVATE★ • So you want a private reading, that's great! I'll give them to you after you complete these simple steps! (It's not difficult, I promise!) Step 1: FREE REGISTRATION If you're not already a registered member, now's the time! This can be done in two ways by clicking either the button below my video that says “REGISTER FOR PRIVATE READING” OR, the button in the top right corner that says “REGISTER FOR FREE!” Just pick your Username and Password, then click the "register" button! then check your mail and confirm your registration. Step 2. ADDING CREDITS click on the “ADD CREDITS” button on the top right corner, then choose your payment method and amount of credit to add. Step 3. PRIVATE CONSULTATION After the time is added to your account, come back to my profile, and that's it, we're ready for a private session! Just click on the button “START A PRIVATE READING” now! • Reminder! - If you're trying to contact me while I'm off webcam and my status is set to "ONLINE" please remember it takes a few moments to connect, so please be patient! ☺ ** Also if your Someone who is interested in Cleansing,meditations, healings, ECT Ask how I perform My Guided meditations. I also use various materials in PRVT session. :) Thank you for reading! Hope to hear from you soon! Sincerely, Cindy. XoXo

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