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Live advice from Sensei - Gipsy Card Reading and Tarot Reading in Coesfeld instantly. 20-25 years of work in Tarot Reading. ★75% SALES OFF PROMO 1.49 $ (REG 5.99 $ ) TOP RATED AND FAMOUS PSYCHIC ★PREDICTION HAPPENED ★ TIME FRAME ★LOVE & RELATIONSHIP ★ CAREER ★ HEALINGS ★ SPIRITUAL GUIDE ★ ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬๑۩ Welcome to "BLESSING CRADLE" MY FREE CHAT HOME at Oranum۩๑▬▬▬▬▬● In FREE CHAT my friend I’m enthusiastic to speak about all the wonderful things I love, bossanova, art of cooking and travelling, we can share ideas, I’m always very curious to make new experience, and if you need to exploit my gift and abilities for your personal situation it will be a pleasure to discuss it in private. ☆ When you come in freechat and it is the first time for you, please before to ask any question, check if there is already an ongoning discussion, respect the other members, introduce yourself and wait for your turn. ☆ If it is not the first time for you in freechat and he are coming after a private, please do not share any of your personal info in freechat and/or dont speak about any outcome. ☆In FREE CHAT we can have also conversation about your problems, and difficulties, without going in details and without requesting solution, you can describe. ☆ You might receive information about the past and present, generally speaking, without providing any details ☆ I can show you cards, my deck and my tools, without any reference to your personal situation ☆ I might explain different type of reading ☆ I can provide some little info about the traits of your personality ☆ Time by time I use to do Group healings prayers and meditation, I use to put a note on my wall about it. I'm waiting you in FREECHAT in the CRADDLE OF LOVE: ●▬▬๑☆My psychic journey ☆▬▬▬● Why my name is Sensei? Why I’m wearing a monk suit. I love the word Sensei, not just in the meaning of teacher but in the meaning of sense, as I’m able to use all our 14 sense, and this is the way I’m tuning into your life, reaching each of your senses to penetrate your world, on a physical, spiritual and astral level. And i'm not from Nepal, I'm italian but I live in Budapest. Started as I lay there in the darkened womb, wide awake, my head firmly buried under the amniotic fluid, For many of you this was a celestial experience, not for an RH negative. However I was not alone, I dreamt so many times this experience. The darkness was around me trying to pull me out. One day It decided to kill me in, my Mom fall down the stairs, six months of pregnancy, internal bleeding, we were both dying. Doctor could not do anything for me, but I decided to do everything by myself, I dreamt I heard a voice and an energy put me out, 1 kg, in 1973. I felt I had to go. I always felt a presence with me and I was born the only day in which twins, on astrological point of view are double, so I’m a druid, I’m a natural Magician. For the first time I took a deck of cards, very normal Italian cards in hand when i was 5. My aunt, joking, asked me to do a reading for her. She was with her boyfriend. “ You will marry, and you will have a daughter, and you will divorce, but don’t worry, than you will be happy and I will bring you to the altar” . Cards where simply a tool, a voice was speaking inside of me, one of the first time in which the Absolute Truth was coming out, naturally, magically. My aunt was laughing at that time, and also now, cause is really happy. The voice was my first Spiritual Guide, Renukee, that stand on my left side, on my right side I’ve got another person, that I would not mention the name. Born as a natural clairvoyant is a gift and a responsibility, therefore I decided to learn the kaballah, the tarot mystery, spells and the art of healing of Reiki. ●๑☆Prediction, secrets and advise for your love life ☆๑● For ,more info you can visit also my Love Reading Club : ☆Love & relationship ☆Virtual relationship ☆Same sex relationship ☆Pregnancy ☆Divorce ☆Soulmates ☆Twinflame ☆Break ups and Réunion ☆Cheating ☆Overcome Addiction ☆Sex and intimacy ☆Encourage changes ☆State of your relationship ☆Relationship problem solving ☆Clarity & guidance ☆Past & Past life influence ☆ Love blockage and healings ●๑☆Your love questions☆๑● ☆ Will I find ever the true love ? ☆ Will I be safe and secure with this person ? ☆ Will the relationship be lasting and fruitful? ☆ Will a commitment be possible ? ☆ How to find the Real One ? ☆ Will the new lover be similar to past lovers? ☆ Is marriage a possibility in the relationship? ☆ What can be done to find true and lasting love? ☆What are her/his feelings ? Hopes? ☆ Is there someone else ? ☆ Will he/she be supportive ? ☆ Will our families get along ? ☆ How canI empower me and him/her ? ☆ How can I build trust ? ☆ How can I encourage appreciation and respect ? ●๑☆Prediction, secrets and advise for your career ☆๑● ☆Success in starting a new business ☆ Success when you face a strong competittion ☆Courage in facing a difficult situation ☆Help you to make the best decision in a difficult situation ☆Detect the action of a malicious person ☆Build harmonious relatioship with your coo-workers ☆Gain a promotion or a raise ☆ Win a job ☆ Gain a job interview ☆Attract good luck job wise ☆ Protection ☆ Releasing stress ●☆Natural Healer abilities☆● ☆Traditional Usui Reiki Master • Chakras balancing and harmonization • Open up and removing blockage : channelling • Learn the wisdom of the body • Help your endocrine system • Complete Reiki treatment • Meditation • Detoxification, cleansing process • Mental healing and self mental healing, distant healing treatments • Short Reiki treatment • Find the energy reason of illness (headache, migraine, neck, shoulder and upper-back pain, middle and lower-back pain, sciatica, colds and flu, coughs, bronchitis, asthma, allergies, arthritis, insomnia, cystitis, menstrual problems, menopause • Hara centring • Atisha’s heart-of-joy meditation ๑▬▬▬۩ E-MAIL READING OPPORTUNITIES WITH TAROT DECK SPREAD۩▬▬▬๑ I like very much E-Mail reading and I can offer you different type. You can use this club : as a way to figure out what kind of email reading you would like to order. To order the email reading, return on my main page and order an e-mail reading. ☆14.99 – 2000 Character minimum–1 question ☆24.99 – 4000 Character minimum–2-3 questions Email readings are solid reading with very accurate details, please have a look in my club page. ๑▬▬▬☆Past Life relationship☆๑▬▬▬● ☆ Nature of Past Life Connection ☆ Spiritual Lesson : what the spiritual lesson for this past life was. ☆ You : who you were and/or how you related to the other person ☆ The Other Person: ☆ How You Did: in terms of learning the spiritual lesson of this past life ☆ Current Incarnation Spiritual Lesson ☆ Advise

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