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Talk to EAGLESTAR - Dream Interpretation and Tarot Reading in Coesfeld now. 25-30 years of experience in Tarot Reading. What do others say about Eaglestar? eaglestar helps you understand a different side to the story that your telling him and he brings sensitivity and emotion to the way he presents information, he gives guidance and has a compelling way of giving you a sense of comfort even when some of the darkest and more mind numbing memories can resurect themselves AURA READINGS and RELATIONSHIP SOLUTIONS - love, marriage, friends work and business. Please take note that I do not give psychic readings in open chat. It is against the rules. I do give one free reading in an open demo when I am authorised to do so (daily). Auras - People are generally familiar with auras as the pretty colours or halos around our bodies, but there's much more to the understanding of auras. They are also the gateway to our our self-knowledge and subconscious. We each of us have an aura that is the manifestation of our physical body, emotions, mind and spirit. It is not just pretty colours. The significance of auras is both positive and negative, not just for what it is, but for what it isn’t. Most of us are a mixture of positivity and negativity. Our aura contains all the polarities, dualities and the ultimate potential of our personalities. It is all the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields that have been molded by our good and bad experiences. I bileive in auras to give the greatest possible accuracy and can be accessed much faster than most other forms of divination. Negative programming – We wonder why we are suffer so much pain and heartache throughout our lives, but the truth is that many of us sabotage ourselves with our lack of self-confidence and poor self-image. We need to ask ourselves, do we make a good first impression, or do we demean ourselves with the first words we speak. If so why do we do that? Many of us are emotionally crippled by our disappointment, heartaches and lost dreams. In which case we need an emotional-make-over and to re-invent ourselves. All this and more can be revealed in our auras. It is only this realisation and self-knowledge that we can truly understand ourselves and reach our full potential. Auras are the manifestation of our energy fields. These are the building blocks of the cosmos. The cosmos is ruled by the laws of God, attraction, love and truth. The laws of God, science, logic, love and truth are all congruent with each other. These are what control the cosmos, time and space. The law of attraction holds everything together. This applies to the electrons orbiting the nucleus of every single atom and every planet orbiting its star. God, science & reality - We are made up of 80% water but at a deeper level we just space and energy. Every atom consists a nucleus and electrons which is energy, but most of each atom is space. Thus what we see as reality and the physical realm is both a fantasy and reality. It is the matrix and dynamics of energy, light and space. The same rules apply science and the laws of God and science. God cannot break the laws because God and the laws of God are one and the same, although the religions tend to deny it and sure do love their miracles. We are not physical beings seeking spirit, but spirits suffering on the lowest plane of existence. Our existence is based on dualities of light/dark, good/bad and love/hate. That is why we are forever seeking our other half, our soulmate, twin flame, doppleganger and alter-ego. They are our balancing opposite force. In our daily lives we are following the Holy Grail of dualities of choice and free will. We also have the trinity of God, devil and ego within each of us. It’s up to us to create the sacred balance within ourselves. We are what we choose to seek, feel, follow and claim to be. We have the free will to choose and create what we want for ourselves. Secret message - It is a message of a loving God that Jesus tried to tell us about, but we are all still ignoring it, suffering the consequences and fighting with each other. I want to help you to avoid these problems and instead reach your incredible potential of self-realisation. I can reveal to you what your aura indicates and give you a greaterand deeper understanding of yourself and your potential. I use your aura with Tarot combined in order to give the most accurate relationship readings. Our auras reveal our very deepest truths and reveal the problems in a new light with insight, wisdom and accuracy.. I specialize in healing loving relationship, finance, career readings and even law. In all our issues and problems the common factor is our inner world of fantasy, expectations, hopes and dreams, I use my own Tarot designs- Alice in Wonderland Tarot, Sailor's Tarot and cognitive image profiling tarot. Tarot stimulates my psychic awareness whilst the aura focuses specifically on you. It reveals your relationship dynamics and emotional traumas from the past that have created all your heartaches. I have had many careers since I retired, Social care worker, bereavement counselor, WholeSelf therapist, Cognitive Image profiler, Psychic reader, Psychic artist and Pre-natal psychologist. Please remember that in open chat I cannot see or hear you. If you are on a mobile phone you may not be able to hear me. When giving tasters or full in-depth readings I use your favorite color to visualize your aura and create my psychic insights. I use the discipline and principles of art therapy. I have found over 30 years of reading people that clients are more candidly honest when expressing their likes and dislikes. These in turn reveal their energy-fields which reflect their attitudes, heart aches, hopes, dreams, deepest problems and the dynamics of their relationships in the family, which have created the problems in your own love life. If I get a message from spirit i will give it as I receive it, but please don't demand or even ask for spirit messages in open chat as I cannot command spirit. To do so is the path to madness. I will empower you in the following ways. 1. to nurture your self -confidence and self -appreciation. 2 to know and understand ourselves more effectively. 3. to discover your source codes. 4. to find your Achilles heel and the ways that we sabotage ourselves. 5. to nurture and truly love yourself. 6. to reveal your strengths & weaknesses. 7. to empower you so that you may take control of your life & solve your problems. 8. to find the very source of your fears & obsessions. 9. Discover the source of your health wealth, love & happiness, 10 . Reveal why ex-lovers left and what they thought of you. Do you need to check out your man, and find out what he feels about you. Send me his colors and put a photo of the two of you together on my hall and I will read him for you. I NEED, USE AND TUNE IN WITH THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION:- 1. 3 favorite colors 2. 3 most disliked colors. 3. 3 favorite creatures, and 3 most disliked creatures. Please bear in mind that I cannot see or hear you and only have your typed words with which to tune into your persona. Google Eaglestar Psychic to see what my clients say about my readings. When having a reading it may pay you keep.the following questions in mind. 1. How good is the psychic's reputation? 2. Is she using the scatter gun technique? 3 . Is she blinding you with psychic babble? 4. Is the psychic focusing on me or her own stuff? 5. Is she holding back at the last minute to hook me in? 6. Is she digging for information and then feeding it back to me? 7. Is she hooking me in with portents and my fears? 8. Is she adding spells, candles and predictions to add to the price? 9. Has she clearly stated what she will do and done it? 10. Is this a real psychic reading or just girlie-chit-chat? 11. Am I learning to take control of my destiny? 12. Am I satisfied the reading fair value? 13. Can I now make better choices? 14. Have I gained self-knowledge? 15. What is Oranum's refund policy if I am not satisfied with the reading. I give one free reading every day but not to one who asks for it. I work mornings and evenings, but not to any schedule because I never know when I will feel too emotionally exhausted to continue and have to take an unscheduled breaks and sleep. If I am unavailable I recommend my wife Crystalfairy, my wife for a crystal, gemstone or shell reading, Dreamdetective for a dream interpretations, Aquariusanswers for questions of pregnancy. Gracepetal for her serenity and well honed wisdom. .

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